Hope Johnston (In loving memory : Apr 18, 2002 - Jul 30, 2008)

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Hope was 6 years old and lived in Apex, NC. She is survived by her parents, Mark and Rebecca, her brother, Martin, and her sister, Emily.

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Jared Ose

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Jared Tyler Ose was born on 8-28-01. He weighed 7 lb. 7 oz and appeared to be a healthy baby boy. He met all of his milestones except for walking by 13 months. Around 13 months, we noticed his eyes were crossing (strabismus). Around 15 months, we were seeing a pediatric opthamologist who told us this could be brain related. At 13 months, Jared could stand holding onto furniture, and even cruise some around furniture but never walked. By 18 months, Jared had started to regress. He could no longer stand or pull himself up, and his crawling became slower ...

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Chloe Solis (In loving memory : Nov 10, 2001 - Sep 2, 2009)

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Chloe was 7years old. She lived near Chicago and is survived by her parents, Raul and Cara Solis and two younger brothers, in addition to a host of loving relatives.

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Zach West

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Zach is 7 years old and lives with his mother, Rachele LaCount, in Minnesota.

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